Users who purchase pan -domain names, please note that the domain names with passing areas, such as:*.,*. are all pan -domain names, including all sub -domain names of the same class; pay attention to the secondary pan -wide domain name*.domain. COM does not support the third -level domain name
Application process of payment certificate: real-name authentication-> fill in information (domain name, company name, region, company address, contact number)-> payment purchase-> download confirmation letter-> fill in the confirmation letter and signature section --- > Upload the confirmation letter (support PTF, compressed package, picture, scanning, etc.)-> Waiting for the CA agency to review-> review to complete, issue a certificate-> complete application to complete the application
Note: Because the anti -fishing mechanism of the CA agency usually contains sensitive words in the domain name information, such as Bank, Pay, etc., it will cause a security review failure. The specific sensitive words are defined by the CA agency. A review failed or the order is rejected.
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