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Free and Easy-to-use Hosting Control Panel

Before use: Install various software from the command line, time-consuming and error-prone,need to remember a lot of commands.

After use: Install the free hosting control panel in 2 mins, manage the server with one click

1297servers are installed and used within 24 hours

Create and manage web projects

Deploy your website in minutes, bind domain names, deploy SSL with one click, change website configurations, and more. >>View

Preview of server resources usage

Monitor your server resource occupancy in real time, allowing you to better understand its load capacity. >>View

Familiar file management system

A convenient and efficient file manager that supports uploading, downloading, packaging, decompression and other operations, and can write code online. >>View

One-click software installation

Through the web interface, you can easily manage the server software used for installation, as well as rich extension applications. >>View

Server management tools that everyone can use

Simple and smart visualization

Simple and friendly interactive experience, the panel can be installed in 2 minutes

One-click installation of LEMP/LAMP website environment

Become a master of server management easily

aaPanel is a Free and Open source Hosting control panel, encapsulates common Linux commands into functional modules, It can be completed in a few clicks on the panel

Visible safety

One-click inspection of 16 common server security risks, firewall, whether the default port is modified, etc. and provide solutions, integrate free Fail2ban and Nginx WAF

Safe and efficient server panel

Support more than 100 server management functions such as one-click LAMP/LEMP/monitoring/website/FTP/database

3.6 million


A large number of users choose trustworthy

80 +


Long-term update and maintenance more reliable

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